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Jason W. Simmons

About Jason 

Jason is a passionate, experienced, and driven B2B marketing leader who has a track record of helping organizations achieve success.  By creating, executing, and leading strategic marketing campaigns that align to organizational goals, that are built upon deep insights about the buyer, and that incorporate a balanced mix of paid, owned, earned, and social media – he is able to generate & influence pipeline revenue, improve brand favorability, and strengthen customer lifetime value.

He is the author of the book Marketing Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide to B2B Marketing Success.  Jason holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  He has also received various certifications through B2B Marketing firms such as SiriusDecisions and the Content Marketing Institute.

Jason lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Seela, they enjoy reading, staying active, and traveling.  They are both active in charities that help support, acclimate, and assist refugees who have newly arrived to the U.S.



My Marketing Philosophy

create a vision

I believe that creating a vision and clearly communicating that vision to both senior leaders and individual contributors alike is instrumental in achieving success. A vision should be authentic to the visionary, it should begin with the end-goal in mind, and it should create as much excitement as possible for those who hunger to make an impact. Success is more easily realized when that vision is adopted by others and when people understand how their work, ideas, and contributions are delivering for the greater good.

define goals and objectives

I believe a marketing strategy that is aligned to specific goals inevitably gives that marketing strategy its purpose. In marketing, revenue goals should serve as primary goals, such as sourcing a certain percentage of revenue in the sales pipeline; while non-revenue goals can serve as secondary goals, such as improving brand favorability. Benchmarks and KPI’s that are established and reviewed regularly ensure goals and objectives are being met, and allow for marketing strategies to be adjusted, if needed, for optimum performance.

execute strategic campaigns

I believe that a strategic marketing campaign is one that has a specific messaging theme tied to it, that embeds the marketing goals and objectives, and that incorporates a balanced mix of paid, owned, earned, and social media. The result of which generates inbound and outbound marketing qualified leads for sales, accelerates existing sales opportunities in the pipeline, and fosters positive brand sentiment.


develop purposeful content

I believe that a content strategy should be aligned to the buyer journey, centered on a specific message, and inclusive of all pertinent audience personas. Content is most powerful when it provides helpful insights, perspectives, and real solutions to someone’s problem. By establishing credibility through this approach, trust is gained in the process. Content should be distributed proportionally through a balanced media mix and should prompt people to take the next call-to-action.

focus on results

I believe that in order to produce superior results, specific attention should be concentrated specifically on just those marketing activities, tactics, and initiatives that yield the highest return at the lowest cost. This is why following the Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule, is so important; it is the belief that 80% of results are delivered from just 20% of the work. Staying centered on primarily those things that produce the majority of the results automatically affords marketing teams a jump start to reaching their goals.


Whatever you are, be a good one.
— Abraham Lincoln
The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.
— Nelson Mandela
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi


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